Bully Clutches have established a reputation in the karting community for consistency, reliability and performance that wins races! All Bully Clutch parts are CNC machined or laser cut, ground and coated with protective material to assure the highest quality parts in the industry. And best of all, Buller Built provides the highest level of customer support and technical information in the industry. Make your winning investment and order a Bully today!

The 4 disc Turbo clutch is a very versatile clutch and used on a wide variety of racing applications from lawnmowers to minicup cars to robots. It does however require some custom made pieces for each application. The diagram on this website is for a standard 1" application on a 4-cycle engine and is not correct for many of the other applications that this clutch is used for. If you are needing parts for the 4 disc Turbo, please call (402-723-4713) or e-mail (mary@buller.net) and we can help you with the parts you need.

I have had a lot of people calling lately and telling me they are sanding their disc's as a part of their clutch maintenance. We recommend that you NEVER sand the disc. For your clutch maintenance please refer to the maintenance page under the "technical information" part of the website. Also, if you have questions, please feel free to call or e-mail.

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: Buller Built now offers the full line of Track Tac tire products. Check out all their fine products at the "Chassis and Accessories" section of our website.

: Buller Built/ Bully Clutches has a new 2009 catalog available on CD. If you would like one please contact me at mary@buller.net with your name and address and I will mail you a copy.

: If you have noticed the new Bully Clutches visor decals or Buller Built sticker packs and are looking for decals of your own, check out www.spectraprintinganddesign.com. Spectra offers high quality racing graphics as well as banners, posters, decals and package labeling.

::We now have a limited supply of 34mm Mikuni carb kits. When these are gone, we most likely won't be able to find any more. See the carb section of the website for price and ordering.We are also making throttle shafts and grose jets for the 34mm Mikuni carb. Call for pricing and availability. Nippondenso W31EN and W34EN plugs are in stock and available for alcohol 2 stroke motors. $12.50 each.

::After many months of anticipation the new Buller website with online ordering is here! As you will see, it does not currently show a complete list of all the Buller Built products but keep checking back, new items will be added daily! Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new website with online ordering!

::The Bully Clutch is built to your specific class needs. What this means is that when you get your clutch all you need to do is install, break-in and race. No resetting of weights or springs is needed. When ordering from your dealer be sure to tell them which class you will be running so they can get you the right clutch for your application.


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