sx2 - KT100SE Yamaha- Blueprinted

sx2 - KT100SE Yamaha- Blueprinted

The Yamaha SX2 is our Blueprinted Yamaha KT100SE. Built for all stock class applications, the SX2 has the main bearing counter bore clearanced to accept a double row 24 ball main bearing (more balls means less load per ball, longer life and more RPM). The crank is sleeved with a hardened steel sleeve to prevent wear. The intake and exhaust ports are reworked to a polished finish. All mechanical considerations are straightened and clearanced to the closest tolerances. The carb is blueprinted and set up for your class and application and includes a high flow filter cup. The case volume, ignition timing, port volume and length, etc. are all taken into consideration to provide the ultimate combination working in harmony together.

Each motor includes break in instructions and set up sheet.

For an additional 0 we will break in the engine in on our computerized dyno/ accelermeter and supply you with a dyno print out.

When ordering be sure to indicate if the class you will be running is an open pipe or box muffler class. Filter cup is included.

Our Price: $2,000.00
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